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There are many challenges associated with building a custom project. Our design build services provide you with a single source for co-ordinating and managing all aspects of your building project. The design build apporach coordinates all aspects of the building process including; design, budget and conceptual planning, engineering, building materials, schedule and construction techniques.

Through collaboration with highly recognized architects, Structures is involved right at the infancy of your project. Adopting a team approach from the outset, enables us to evaluate construction logistics, costs and refine design concepts right from the start. The ability to revisit budget and design issues throughout the project is enhanced by our construction management process. Through this approach, we are able to add or delete to the scope of work as the project progresses, without penalty. This flexibility also allows the right amount of money to be allocated to the various phases of your project.

Consistency is key. The project is handled from start to finish by the same person. Design build provides a turn key solution, taylor made for your project.